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"Crossing the Rainbow Bridge"



Lovie, Cookie and Lucie all passed in January 2010. Spookie passed on Halloween eve 2010. Debbie rescued three kittens, Lovie, Cookie and Spookie, from a road side. Lucie was rescued from the streets of Dover as a kitten. They lived their last 6 years with Jim Woodland. They now rest together. They are very much missed. A donation in memory of "Da Boys" was made by Dr. Danne Smith.

A donation was received in memory of "Brett" and "Lady B", Ira Woodland's faithful golden retrievers.

Mrs. Peggy Tritinger made donations in memory of her pet "Rosie" and Bitsy Tabor's "Dodie" - "a beautiful old mixed hound"

Ms. Brenda Beissel donated in memory of "Ringo", her daughter's (Ms. Kelly Williams) beloved cat.

Reverend and Mrs. Brent Rector have donated in memory of "Kit T. Kat", the loved family cat, who they miss very much.

"Shasha", 16 year old feline member of the Scott and Michele White family has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Michelle bottle fed her and her brother Fritz as kittens. The White children, Melanie and Bryan, will miss "Shasha" as well.

Ms. Lillian Dressler has made a donation in loving memory of her beloved feline friend of 15 years, "Lucky" who has passed.

Dave and Trustee Hope Caldwell's "Scooter" crossed the Rainbow Bridge in December 2011. Their other feline,"Mr. Jewels", passed earlier. They are greatly missed by Hope & Dave.

Ron and Trustee Debbie LaVere have said "Goodby" to their "Lucky" dog. She is missed.

Silver "aka Bubba" was found by Kathy and Jason LaVere during a winter snow storm in the Carolinas in January 2004. He arrived at the front door of their condo screaming for food and quickly welcomed himself into their home. He was known for his talkative character, love of food, and enjoyed his cuddle time with the family. He was also known to walk on a leash from time to time. Silver passed due to Renal Failure on March 9, 2011 at approximately 8 years old. He will be missed greatly but never forgotten.

Dr. Danne Smith has made a donation celebrating the long life of her fur baby "Sam". Sam was Danne's near constant companion for nearly 20 years and seemed at times more human than cat. Remembered forever!

A donation was received in memory of "Buddy", Mr. Wayne Short's 6 year old rat terrier mix. He is greatly missed.

"Tink", Jim Woodland's gentle 7 year old feline crossed over March 22, 2012. "Tink" was laid back and took life easy. He will be remembered.

Scott and Michele White family's "Fritz" crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 28, 2012 at age 19. "He was a good cat and tough til the end. Had survived a broken leg from being hit by a car. Other than that was spry up to the day before he passed."

Ms. Beverly Reedy donated in memory of her 16 year old "Cool Kitty, Troy" and in memory of her friend, Eddie's, cat, "Tigger" who also crossed the rainbow bridge at 16.

Mike Newnam's much loved lab, "Molly", left us in October 2014.

Our poster bulldog for the Par For Pets events, Gumz, crossed the rainbow bridge on May 23, 2016. His family is Mr. & Mrs Charles Stubbs. Charlie is a Debbie's Fund trustee. Gumz is remembered by Ms. Gail Reed with a donation to the Fund in Gumz's memory.

Jim & Laura Mulvihill, their son Matt and daughter Jamie have said goodby on 1/22/17 to their beloved Cobol. Cobol has graced Debbie's Fund's website for more than ten years. Jim writes: "Cobol, a Black Lab, was our beloved pet and would’ve turned 15 on March 11th. She had a bigger than life personality and was a fixture in our neighborhood where, if you had a dog, you and your dog knew Cobol. We will miss the thump of her “otter” tail". < p> In April 2018, Lilly, Debbie & Ron LaVere's 7 year old golden lab passed over the rainbow bridge after a long bout with cancer. Lilly is greatly missed by her mom & dad.

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